“Dear Ann, Jane, Candace, everyone who has helped with the oral/dental care of my Mother.

Having loved ones in a care facility is anxiety enough, without having to worry about their dental care. I have been so blessed and pleased for so many years now by the services you provide. Professional, thorough, but most of all caring and gentle.

I will be praying for you all, may the Lord continue to bless and prosper Mobile Dentistry of Arizona! I know that I will be eager to recommend your services whenever possible.

Thank you for making my life easier and for the wonderful care provided to Mom and Sister Ruth!

God Bless you – abundantly!!!”

“My family has been very pleased with the services of Mobile Dentistry of Arizona including the initial treatment and the weekly PDHP.  My mother is 80 and had not kept up with proper dental care for 10 years when we found Mobile Dentistry of Arizona. The team is so professional and sensitive to her needs as a senior and has managed to help us get her dental work completed over a period of a year which was a huge accomplishment. They came to her apartment and take her to the mobile office so it is convenient and allowed us to get it done for her without someone having to be with her. We elected to go with the weekly hygienist visits going forward and after seeing Alegria provide that service last week, I can honestly say I am very pleased we did. Alegria is pleasant and professional and does a thorough treatment including brushing, flossing, and special rinse for the gum health. Most important all of these providers treat my mother with consideration and respect and personal attention while they are there. Mobile Dentistry of Arizona has been a blessing!”

“Mobile Dentistry is the best kept secret at Fellowship Square Mesa Independent Living!  Jerry had a very visible tooth break in the hottest part of the summer.  Finding a new dentist, riding in a bus, waiting in an office, filling out all the paperwork, waiting again for someone to take care of us and then calling for a ride home again on a bus or taxi several times over was a daunting thought. Did I mention it was the hottest part of summer? I made a call to Mobile Dentistry of AZ, they call back with a choice of dentist and appointments.  They took care of all paperwork, made sure to check out Jerry’s medications and special needs, gave us his appointment day and time, then actually called us when they were outside our building waiting in their air conditioned “office”. He needed quite a lot of dental work in addition to the broken tooth which was not a surprise to us and the cost was very competitive. They are our choice for the foreseeable future.”

“I wanted to tell you that my tooth has been great and I no longer have the sensitivity that I’ve had for years over there!!! Going to my old dentist would have meant 2 consults with someone or other, 5 appts, and probably an extra $1000! So THANKS!!”

“I referred one of my clients to Mobile Dentistry of Arizona, the patient and family were thrilled with the professionalism, ease and price of the service. What a great service.”

Thank you very much for taking care of my mom this week for our first visit. As you know going to the dentist can be a scary experience for any of us not to mention an Alzheimer’s patient.

Thank you Dr. Greg Pifer, Misty and Audie , for your calming and professional and courteous approach and for helping the situation and care to go smoothly. Dr. Pifer communicated with me throughout the process and shared his thoughts, providing a sense of trust and commitment.

Also thank you so much Aurelia, for assisting me and sharing all the information needed in order to get the appt set up and paperwork needed. I really appreciated it.

Thank you again all for providing your individual care and the attentive needs for my mom. You brought a smile to our faces!!! Look forward to seeing you at the next visit. Have a great day.

To everyone at Mobile Dentistry of AZ,

I wanted to send a note of thanks to everyone at Mobile Dentistry of AZ for their kind thoughts at the time of my father’s passing. Everyone took such fine care of my father’s dental needs and I appreciate that. The care provided was excellent. To this day, I still think the idea of a mobile dentistry facility to care for the elderly is a great idea.

Once again thank you for the great care you provided my father.

“Thank you, Ann and the whole team at Mobile Dentistry of Arizona, for taking care of my 94 year old mother and making it so easy for both of us. With you coming directly to her at the Springs, you make dental care so convenient for her and for me. You have solved all her complaints about her teeth and keep her feeling good by providing regular checkups. Your whole team is so patient and understanding with the elderly that Mom is comfortable seeing you without me holding her hand. You have made my life easier with you coming to her; I don’t have to make any trips across town in the Arizona heat getting Mom dental care. We are both so happy with the quality of work you provide, as well as your wonderful service. You have shown you are willing to do whatever it takes to make her feeling comfortable: extra visits to her room to check on the fitting of a crown, replacing her worn-out toothbrush with one easy for her to use, moving her appointments as to not interfere with her other activities. You give me immediate information as to her needs, allowing me peace of mind knowing that Mom is well taken care of. You have exceeded my expectations of any dental care provider. I am so grateful to have connected with you.”

Mobile Dentistry of Arizona,

Thank you for your excellent and responsive treatment and care provided to my wife.

The alleviation of pain was a gift from God, by Dr. Mark Hank. The follow up by Ann Ross R.D.H. and your professional team was greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, R.G.

Dear Aurelia,

It was so nice talking to you this morning. You were very helpful in explaining the services your company provides and your friendly voice was much appreciated.

I will definitely recommend Mobile Dentistry of Arizona to my friends and others who might need it.

Best Wishes and Have a beautiful day.

I wanted to compliment the good job Dr Hank did, minimal swelling, considering what was done. Had broken off crown. I am Appreciative of your skill and kindness. Thank you!

“Starting with you, Mobile Dentistry of Arizona (MDOA) was so pleasant and professional to work with… and the right choice for my mother.

Thank you, MDOA! You provide a much needed service to the elder/special needs community.

My 95-year-old, wheelchair-bound mother is a perfect example. Because of her medical condition, traveling to a dentist was next to impossible. MDOA made the process so easy. You came to her. Dr. Hank and his team arrived at mom’s assisted living facility on time… and within minutes she was in his (and his team’s) quality care. At the end of the visit, one of the team members accompanied me to speak with the facility’s medical staff regarding mom’s aftercare. That evening, I had some concerns. I called Ann, the owner of MDOA. She listened carefully, and reassured me that everything was fine. “Don’t hesitate to call if there’s anything else”, were her parting words. MDOA was a totally new experience for all of us… and the right choice for mom. I highly recommend Mobile Dentistry of Arizona.”

“Thank you Ann, Doctor and everyone that helped my mother today. My mother has been waiting for over a month to receive dental services from a traditional office. I called Mobile Dentistry of Arizona and they were able to come out within the week I called. I know you guys are busy but I’m soooooooo happy I found you. I’m referring you to everyone, so expect more calls!!!! You guys are wonderful! (BTW my mother can’t move to another chair on her own, and she has arthritis everywhere, including her jaw, regardless, Mobile Dentistry was able to help – the dentist was so gentle it was amazing!). You should call them just for their fantastic rates!!!!! You will be amazed!”

I and my Dad wanted to send our Sincere Thanks to both of You and Dr. Abraham and his staff for last Friday’s dental examination and cleaning.

Dr. Abraham was very nice and considerate toward my Dad and we certainly appreciate him and his staff for their help with my Dad during the transferring, examination and cleaning process.

Thank you again and we look forward to seeing Dr. Abraham and his staff

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